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Copywriting is a text copy designed and created for different media mediums, whether digital or print. It’s the content that utilizes words to promote the brand and its values to attract and maintain relationships with your customers, your communicators, and your audience over time.


Social media posts

SEO Copywriting

Brand Journalism

Brochure texts


Blog and articles

Copywriting for effective offline and online communication

Content is the basis on which useful strategies for the brand are built.

It’s not just about creating texts, but about thinking, structuring, and defining the messages and key ideas and targeting them with the right language and media for our audience.

Our experience with companies with high technical content allows us to support companies in drafting presentations, descriptions of articles and products, manuals, and catalogs.

In #MUNDIDA, thanks to a large team of professionals, we can be specialized and vertical in the various sectors of content creation: copy for web pages, articles from an SEO perspective for blogs, technical articles and interviews, storytelling and storyboards for videos or brand journalism, microcopy for effective call actions and captions for social networks.

Our experience with companies with high technical content allows us to support companies in drafting presentations, descriptions of articles and products, manuals, and catalogs.

Texts for websites, blogs, newsletters, social media

Copywriting for business marketing

Written with care.

We create content to communicate on all Social Media channels: email marketing campaigns, webpages, social media management. Considering your brand identity, we emphatically consider your corporate style and tone of voice. We specialize in writing technical content text. We can also make technical content informative and intriguing. We specialize in texts with high technical content or we are able to make even specialized concepts informative and captivating.

We tell the stories of the brands we work with.

Storytelling e brand journalism

Interviews, presentations, writing press releases.

Stories are the absolute and most interesting way to deliver your message and promote your services. Every company is affluent with narratives of their own, which relate to their products and the people who produce them. Always use stories to captivate the audience from the very beginning to build a brand perception. Use brand journalism; a great way to spread your values and make your company known on social media.

Effective starting from the name

Persuasive copy and microcopy

Naming, Claim, product descriptions.

An essential part of online communication is micro-copies. Things like claims, brand naming, chatbots, calls-to-action, and interactive formations. If all of these are properly done and goal-oriented, they increase the possibility of client conversion and make navigation way easier. These methods can expand business communication and can help you make maximum use of all the digital tools for businesses out there.

Texts for personal social profiles, speeches


Copywriting: strategia e contenuti per il Personal Branding di successo.

We provide copies for companies and business professionals who need a hand in drafting their articles, e-books, technical texts, presentations, or posts for their social networks.


SEO Copywriting

Remember, SEO is not just text optimization for search engines. It’s also a set of strategies that allow your online presence to be all-relevant. This is why all your SEO actions depend on marketing and competition analysis to define suitable keywords and search volumes.
Then, we go on to define an editorial publication plan with targeted pages and articles and studying link building. Our experience in the field has enable us to successfully follow both the SEO positioning of your existing websites and the creation of new websites.
The positive results given by Google for sites made at MUNDIDA are increased by the use of our high-speed SSD servers and the max use of templates and images.

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