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Cultural sensitivity in digital marketing

Inclusive online branding strategies

Marketing Plan

As your Social Media agency, we think out and apply the various strategies which are made to ensure your company’s needs, while using the potential of different social networks, with expert-designed content and even paid solutions.

With our experience ranging across the sector as a social media marketing agency, we can figure out the most suitable solutions for your business and help you develop the presence of your brand at 360 degrees.

For example, owing to impactful content, and intriguing copywriting techniques, we vouch for:

Increasing brand awareness

Promoting your products and services

Directing max traffic to your company website or landing pages

Implementing lead generation campaigns

Let's work together!

The social media marketing agency (and strategy) you need.

No. 1

Social Media Presence

We will help you develop a digital presence which will suit to your sector and your goals. For instance, this is achieved by developing your social strategy, by the activation and initial layout of the most appropriate Social Media for your users.

But also of the company blog and its content creation, if necessary. We also help you to personalize your site with tools of Web 2.0 and through our Digital PR and Lead Generation services. 

No. 2

Social Media Marketing

Honestly speaking, to be able to communicate and build your presence is a big job. We achieve this through the right strategies to increase in-business (corporate) visibility, through the launch and management of corporate social media and social network channels, the configuration and activation of social media marketing and online paid advertising campaigns.

And finally, through the constant monitoring of the results obtained on the channels. Furthermore, we can take care of the management of the social community for you.

No. 3

Social Corporate

How can you develop the ideal tone and style of communication ("Tone of Voice") consistently across all company channels, which’s also based on communication and business objectives?

This is obviously done through the proper analysis of your project, the study of overall communication strategy, but is also possible through our consultancy and training services for your company personnel responsible for communication and content management.

SM marketing agency for your popular content: Sure, but how?


Leaving your Social Media Marketing strategy to an agency like Mundida is a winning choice because this type of communication can be complex, if not managed correctly.

If you want to deal with this, it requires a high expenditure of human resources, not only creative but also management ones. Furthermore, it requires specific skills, with a holistic vision of your brand identity. Here, communication must always be consistent with this and interesting for the reader.

Content that is well thought out and calibrated to the audience creates interaction and sharing, as well as being able to strengthen the loyalty relationship and social media advocacy between the community and the company.

What’s for you in leaving Social Media Marketing strategy to MUNDIDA?

We can increase your customer satisfaction rate. This will help your audience to build a smoother and genuine communication with your brand on social channels (including Customer Service). This will make your content more interesting to them.

We provide you with a different kind of customer loyalty; transforming them from simple users to real Social Media advocates.

We help you increase the commercial network and sales, also reaching potential customers who cannot be reached by normal means.

Increase in views of the company website, both through links from social channels and through better ranking on Google and SEO optimization.

There will be a staggering increase in brand awareness, i.e. the popularity of the company and the enhancement of the brand authority.

Your social media marketing agency, let's work together!

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