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Multilingual social media management services

Editorial calendar, content marketing projects


This includes: Management of Social Media pages, Graphics and Content copywriting for your pages on social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads advertising campaigns. Digital Customer Care.


SEO Copywriting

Social media channels are the virtual place where you can establish relations, talk about your identity and show your work.

Through a careful and strategic management you can finally achieve:

New opportunities

New Contacts

Brand Awareness

Loyal Community

Effective management of social media channels

Organization, creativity, analysis and strategy. These are the 4 key steps for your Social Media page that actually work. Our experience in communications has enabled us to create effective, verifiable and implementable processes. We should note that not all social media channels are the same and you cannot use the same strategy and language for all of them. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo to platforms like Slideshare or Pinterest: these are few of the many SM mediums with different audiences and which were built for unique intentions. Social Media Managers at MUNDIDA identify all the networks commonly used by your clients, concerned with your business. Next, we establish all kinds of ideal communications strategy, define an editorial plan, create contents and sponsor content, if necessary. Our data of global and local habitats enables us to refine working methods that integrate well with your company’s workflows.

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Social media activity plan: how we work.

Start up, material collection, planning and KPIs.

  • In the start-up phase, here at Mundida, we identify and collect related business materials for you and find the people and sectors who can supply them.
  • We gather all existing business materials and organize them into a proper calendar that gathers all topics, deadlines, trade fairs and company events.
  • Mundida maximizes the use of your existing resources and supports you in creating new content. We work flexibly to ensure that we are always updated with any fresh developments and news.

Content creation, scheduling and publication.

  • We design, write and publish contents for your business social pages.
  • We hand over the creation of the posts to our graphic designers and copywriters. Our social media managers take care of the strategy and, with professional tools, optimize scheduling and publication.
  • We can be completely independent in the management of social media and use all the tools to reach your audience at the times, days when they are most present.

Audience interactions: clicks, shares, comments.

  • Social networks are constantly looked upon and we'll alert you in case of notifications relevant to the company. We regularly give reports on the performance of your posts and interactions to check the strategies and impacts of each post.
  • We check for you everyday what's happening on your pages. We will let you know in case of commentsclicks or shares.
  • Thanks to the monitoring, you are able to track conversations about your brand and take timely action with your followers.

Tools for managing prospects and clients. Lead generation tools.

  • Rapid and effective customer support delivered promptly via social network messaging.
  • Following an initial assessment, we identify common inquiries (FAQs) and organize responses into a list of automated answers (BOTs) to address your clients' typical needs.
  • Utilizing digital customer care streamlines your company's operations, saving time and facilitating swift communication.

Social media advertising campaigns

Results-driven budget

When we’re talking about the most intriguing content, we can choose to invest budgets agreed with you to sponsor and distribute your content beyond the organic reach of the page.

Precise targets

We can accurately target groups of people who may be potential clients and show them the post for lead generation. We are also able to identify the position of prospects and the company they work for and have them receive messages and communications to turn them into interested contacts.

Google My Business and Google Maps Management

These two are essential tools, yet often ignored by companies. 

Taking good care of your Google My Business page makes it easy for your clients to find all your contact details and improves your overall ranking on search engines. 

For this reason, we maximize the use of Google My Business, including claiming ownership. And we verify the correct location of your business on Google Maps, resolving conflicts and inaccuracies. 

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