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Newsletter subscribers are your company’s true asset. Email marketing strategy turns these into relations, interested people and conversions. Make the best use of your contacts!

HTML Design

We curate the template and the layout of contents for you.

Landing page

We design your landing pages which are ideal for lead generation.


We use retargeting systems based on your interactions.


We write detailed, yet simple reports.


Newsletter layout, content and analytics, Email marketing campaigns


Get the maximum performance from your newsletters

Email marketing is barely used even now. If used, it’s not used in the right way. A well-planned newsletter service has great potential in terms of generating and taking care of your leads. 

Here at Mundida, we help you by enhancing your existing database and discovering new contact strategies. We design custom-templates which aligns with your company’s digital image and get the content in good shape with texts and images. 

Mundida schedules and sends the newsletter through a dedicated software.

The last step here is looking at the performance with a detailed report of the campaign: email clicks, the views, and the number of clicks. This data can be employed to improve audience-targeting and focus on new advertising and commercial strategies. 

Effective design

HTML responsive layout

  • We make templates in HTML format for your audience to receive responsive email marketing campaigns on smartphones and tablets.
  • Our HTML code allows the insertion of monitoring tags which are essential for checking interactions of the receivers. Emails are compelling and enjoyable on all devices with automatic resizing of images and buttons.
  • Your message would be more impactful than text-only mails.

Definition of targets

Database enhancement

  • We verify and test the entire mailing list and manage all the inactive users in the start-up phase.
  • We gather the leads in your company and get to know how to bring in your desired audience and where opportunities for generating new contacts lie. To promote event-registrations, webinars or e-books and video downloads. We also help to improve lead generation and developing landing pages.
  • Your database quality impacts the influence of your email marketing campaigns by more than 60%, so it is very important that your mailing list is always updated.

Specific software

Strategies to increase the opening rate

  • We use a professional and tested mailing software that doesn’t do mass-mailings.
  • If you have an international company with a different time-zone, we use the campaigns that automatically align with your geographical area, owing to the tools that identify domains and address servers.
  • The use of automatic single mailings prevents the newsletter from going into the spam section of the receiver.

Matching e Lead generation

Social matching and registration forms

  • We compare the data of your subscribers with their social profiles. For example, if your contact is on LinkedIn and has just changed a job, we can update your database and change the Email marketing strategy based on their new career interests.
  • Your company’s website and social media pages can produce a customized registration form to collect more newsletter subscribers and grow the audience for the marketing campaigns.
  • Our forms comply with the GDPR and are according to the protection of personal data and privacy.


Business Service

Our analysis of B2B email marketing campaigns enhances your company’s direct communication. By estimating the openings and clicks of each individual, we create dedicated filters and send messages a few days later with in-depth content based on the preferences expressed by each of your user. This reorientation especially increases positive feedback and engagement with your company.


Contacts Ranking

Mundida finds the most active recipients. Because they are the true brand promoters, who appreciate the newsletter content, read it and share it. Every contact is given a ranking based on: openings, clicks, and shares. Based on their contribution, communication and commercial offers can the be customized

Landing page?

Yes, please!

Let’s design your next landing page together
Strategic landing pages are the most effective way to run lead generation campaigns or effective marketing and to launch new products or services. We design landing pages efficient for both newsletter communications and social media advertising.

Content and analysis
Let us take care of creating interesting contents for your target audience: copywriting, videos, or graphics. We use Analytics and A/B testing to verify the results.

Who is writing your newsletters?

If you want we can write them for you!

Corporate newsletters and email marketing campaigns: monitoring clicks and analytics

General data analysis helps us to identify the habits and preferences of your readers. This info can be used to refine the content, generate targeted messages to subscribers and identify brand ambassadors.

We provide you with accurate analytical reports and create a dashboard that can be accessed in real time. We support you through a profound understanding.

Let's look at all the frameworks that indicate the success of a newsletter: delivery rate and time, email openings, clicks and interactions.

Data helps us to improve your database. It helps to improve the quality of the content and is necessary for remarketing and retargeting actions for your business.

Let's build your email marketing system together

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