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Lead Generation

Our goal is to generate new leads with a high conversion rate, at sustainable costs, in a constant and long-lasting way In marketing this activity is Lead Generation.

To thrive, you demand customers, business opportunities and new contacts to develop sales.

Business Service

Today, B2B Lead Generation is the most important marketing strategy for any B2B company. Because it allows you to boost sales and open up your portfolio to potential customers. At Mundida we realize this, that’s why we offer a range of services to cover every single aspect of this strategy!

This includes the creation of Buyer Personas. This is done to help companies understand not only where they should direct the B2B Lead Generation strategy, but also how and where.

Content creation is out there to offer rich, professional content at every single stage of your buyer’s journey.

Profile and its maintenance is essential for the creation of an impactful, but above all effective buyer’s journey. So to help your customers bring home the results they have set themselves.

SEO and SEM are out there to get what you have wherever, whenever and through the best possible keywords!


Leaving your Lead Generation to call centers, advertising, or just "to chance" is an ineffective tactic. The costs could destabilize in the long term.

Targeted actions and strategic planning will help you achieve qualitative and quantitative conversion rates.

Lead generation B2B

A custom Buyer Journey.

In B2B Lead Generation, the Buyer Journey is especially important. In fact, we should structure and design every single phase to promote lead generation. But we always need to consider the complexities of each step. Firstly, the phase known as TOFU, or Top of the Funnel, is the one that focuses on awareness.

In this phase, users are found in a situation where they have just recognized the problem; what they want or need to solve. Due to this, it’s essential to provide content according to their needs and also some useful information to inform them about the company. Tell them all the main things about its products, services and the solutions it offers.

In the TOFU phase, the text contents that work the best are blog posts, infographics, best practice analyses, e-books… and it goes on.

The central phase’s known as MOFU (Middle of the Funnel). Here, potential customers evaluate the options available to them. This is such a basic phase not just in Lead Generation for B2B markets, but also for B2C ones.

Therefore, it’s usually recommended to use content capable of describing to the customer. It should talk in detail about the solutions offered by your company to solve a specific problem or need. You should go in there and highlight your strengths compared to the competitors. Holding webinars, checklists and Live Streams is essential here!

The last phase, known as BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel), is a settling one. Users and potential customers are ready to make a decisions here.

It is time to persuade your target audience to choose your product/service over others. You should fully utilize the online tools such as demos, case studies, and hold trials, well-managed discounts and 1-to-1 meetings with company sales managers.

We are a team with marketing experts and creatives; willing to help you develop an impactful B2B Lead Generation plan!

Generate quality leads

Mundida helps you in the lead acquisition strategy to bring in target traffic and turn visits into contacts. By maintaining user interest, we increase the return on investment to grow your business by natural means with quality-content and building generally targeted actions and promotions.

Not just B2B Lead Generation.

It is wise not to put all of your money and time into B2B Lead Generation. We should also look into the Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring phases.

Simply—once you get a lead, the next goal is to turn them into an actual customer!

Mundida attempts to develop a plan built to fulfill the needs of the sector and B2B for lead nurturing and lead scoring

We have several things to take into account here. By aligning your sales and marketing themes to get a chance at greater promotion, you also have to create groups of contacts. That’s because you can’t send a single message to everybody. Only by creating an automated content plan which starts from analysis for different groups can you succeed. Produce the appropriate content, and also plan what content to provide when leads go on to the next stages of the journey.

Furthermore, it is important to classify your leads based on the objectives, interests and needs your customers might have. Decide what and how to automate the email marketing and retargeting process, while also establishing the workflow process and multi-channel touchpoints.

Regarding the Scoring activity, it is important to remember that the goal must be to identify the leads that are ready-to-convert, that can be separated from those that need to be maintained.

Developing an effective lead-scoring strategy involves several key steps. Firstly, it's crucial to establish clear thresholds and criteria to evaluate leads. This includes analyzing demographics, adapting scoring methods for different products or services where we can apply them, and weighting scores based on the significance of lead activities.

Furthermore, including negative scoring elements is essential for accurately assessing your lead intent. For instance, repeated visits to non-relevant pages, like job listings, may detract your customer from a lead's overall potential score.

These strategies reveal just one angle of the broader scoring landscape. Collaboration with skilled professionals and ongoing testing are important for refining strategies and achieving optimal outcomes.

This repetitive approach ensures that lead scoring aligns easily with B2B lead generation efforts. To help any valuable follow-ups and maximize your customer’s conversion potential.

We work together on the creation and creation of your website!

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