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“More than 60% of marketing experts estimate that improving SEO and increasing organic presence should be the priorities. Our SEO campaigns are built to actualize strategic goals of your business. Doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or an already established company.”

Our SEO strategy for a successful website ranking

Mundida’s goal is to build and send quality traffic right from the search engines to your website pages, so to increase your general number of users and brand popularity. 

We will work with you to grasp how SEO can intensify the visibility and ranking of your website, to improve the customer-business experience and ultimately, increase the conversions.

Our SEO strategy is comprehensive and covers all aspects that improve natural ranking. By starting off with a data-driven approach, we develop an SEO project that opens on to better user experience and conversions. 

One aspect of this is highly technical: optimization for mobile devices, analysis of server logs, editing of pages and URLs

Later, we cover further aspects such as keyword research and creation of content optimized for search engines. 

We also look our for the so-called “off-site SEO”: which is when we build up the authority of the website and drive referral traffic with link building.

Quality traffic
Ranking in searches
User experience
Keyword search
Link building

How’s a website positioning strategy structured?

Search engine optimization is a flexible process that begins with objectives and analysis and ends with on and off-page strategies. In an ever-growing digital landscape, SEO must be entrusted to specialists who can grasp all aspects of this captivating but complex subject.


SEO means website usability and positioning

The technical part is related to Google. Our web developers carry out the best templates and coding to optimise page speed and the mobile version of your website.
Website usability is always estimated and noticed by Google. We suggest these necessary changes to improve your search engine ranking and maximize the conversion process.
We also analyze and improve Google’s My Business page.


Strategic and SEO-oriented content

Content is the propelling force for appearing in natural search. Good quality content always intrigues viewers and turns them into potential clients. All of your content must be strategic. It should be designed to expand brand authority and respond to keyword research.
Thereby, our content creation process begins with a careful research of keywords and a competitive analysis to identify opportunities in your market. Then we develop highly engaging blog articles and white papers, as we work on creating new website pages or optimizing existing ones.

Generate more traffic with backlinks and dissemination of content

The set-up of link strategy is one of the most important of SEO tools. These links can be internal: linking to other pages on the same website is essential. Or they can be external, coming from other websites’ articles, blogs or forums. Using these is very useful. Another tool is Digital PR: this involves direct referrals to your website pages from social networks, which can be done via LinkedIn.

At Mundida, we use links to build connections with websites relevant to your company’s business to gather more visibility. We work with our social media group to distribute your content on a wide level and assure that any strategy applied is aligned with your business goals.

Analysis and monitoring for SEO that works

Ideal business decisions are always built on data obtained from traffic and conversion monitoring. This is especially true for SEO, which’s time-consuming and demands long monitoring.

Data is obtained through a combination of the main research tools. 

We start off with Google tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Tag Manager. Then we move on to the analysis platforms, and finally to manual estimations that give qualitative indications of web traffic. Through Mundida, you will know that SEO is not just about Keywords. It’s mostly about maximizing your website, your content’s impact, the success of your landing pages, and evaluating your ROI (Return on Investment).

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