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Integrated digital marketing for global audiences

Creating your Website

Design and creation of internet websites at your place—Brescia, Italy—is full of innovative tools that interact better with your audience and your customers. You can make digital communication effective and people-friendly. Use the internet and our services to find new avenues of relationships and business services.

  • Creating websites : We create and showcase your complex websites
  • e-commerce B2B / B2C : We create responsive e-commerce sites with fast checkouts
  • Landing page : Landing page design and creation
  • HTML newsletter : Creation of HTML files for company newsletters

The elements for the development of an effective website in Brescia, Italy.

We specialize in the creation of internet websites and

 e-commerce sites in Brescia

An effective website is a site that manages to bring together the needs of a wide variety of users and that of a company. It must be visually appealing, but also fast and simple to navigate.

A satisfied user easily turns into a lead and then, a customer.

At MUNDIDA, we deal entirely with the development and creation of your dream website.

Our professionals can prepare your website from scratch or perform a restyling of existing ones. You can depend on us to design your dream website!

We assign to you a trusted professional, who will guide you through your website’s graphic designing, and will give you the best browsing experience up to the final creation of the website. Afterwards, they would help you manage and upgrade the website.

Speed and graphic care

Creation of fast and interactive websites

  • We design, create and publish your company websites.
  • We use tested templates to eliminate redundant code (excessive) and activate AMP pages from your websites.
  • We offer you the possibility of hosting on SSD servers with optimal performance even for complex websites and e-commerce.
  • We apply the HTTPS protocol and update your web-sphere, if it’s not already been.
  • The websites made for you will load quickly. Their performance is also optimized for mobile consultations, which improves both the relationship with users and the Google evaluation for ranking.

Useful for generating leads

Creating websites interacting in a natural way

  • We install innovative tools on the site that allow your users to start conversations and requests with the different departments of the company.
  • We create pre-recorded videos or, through systems compatible with WhatsApp Business, we allow people to choose the required contact person on the site and write directly to their company chat.
  • Your site becomes a precious tool for relationships and dialogue with the customer. Offer quick solutions to recurring requests and use interactive forms to generate appointments directly in the diary with the desired departments.

“We develop a great website for you in WordPress; highly responsive across all mediums”

All our sites use code optimized for SEO and are mobile-friendly in order to obtain better positioning. They have perfect usability with all devices: computers, tablets or smartphones.

20+Web projects Completed Thanks to the careful planning of GO LIVE to meet delivery times.

It sure would be nice to meet each other. We are a team of project managers and creatives with experience in web design and website creation. We create websites and take care of their positioning.

Has the time come to create your new e-commerce?

You can manage your new e-commerce independently. It’s an intuitive process!

Flexibility and versatility are the keywords for your e-commerce site, that actually work and can be applied wherever you like! For this we use WooCommerce ; a tested platform that will keep your website up to Google’s standards.

We manifest traditional e-commerce into an intelligent way to manage orders and company warehouses.

For example, through special reserved areas, we allow your customers and dealers to place repetitive orders even from mobile phones and request spare parts or product assemblies in a way they like, without involving any staff.

Let’s design your next landing page together!

Creation of landing page
Strategic landing pages are the best way to plan effective marketing campaigns for the launch of your new product/service or for lead generation campaigns. We create landing pages for both your newsletter communications and social media marketing activities.

Have you already read the advice on how to create a landing page?

Contents and analysis
We provide you with all the support to create interesting content for your target audience through copywriting, corporate video creation, and graphic design. We evaluate the effectiveness of your objective through Analytics and A/B tests.


Strategic analysis and positioning in search engines

SEO website positioning activity is necessary to be found by your customers. It’s also useful to enhance and communicate the specializations of your products/services.

We start from the analysis using professional tools. We define targets, competition, and keyword research. The strategic framework will serve as the basis for correct content and link-building planning.

Writing, or rewriting your existing articles, comes as an executive phase of the communication plan through content optimized for search engines through SEO copywriting.

An in-depth analysis of the keywords in your market sector with traffic identified by country of origin and verification of the indexing of your site.

We make an analysis of the keywords with which your competitors’ sites are indexed, positioned, and we estimate the traffic they might have generated.

Our SEO copywriters take care of rewriting your website’s text and upgrade it from an SEO perspective, based on the identified keywords. They also help you in the development of a content marketing calendar to populate your blog and your social networks with highly indexable texts.

We work together on the creation and creation of your website!

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