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Culturally relevant online advertising

Digital Advertising, ADS Campaigns

We plan and manage your digital advertising campaigns on the most suitable online platform.
The basis of our strategies are data-driven approach and focus on performance.

Effective Digital Advertising tool.


Multi-channel ADS Campaign Management

We are also Digital Ads specialists. We plan, develop and manage multi-channel ADS campaigns for all the parts of your customer’s journey.
We merge the media according to your target audience and create campaigns on Google, Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube etc.

From design to maximum reach, we establish ourselves as your strategic plan to help you through your professional journey.

Target Audience

Objective and target audience

Together with you and our team, we define the objectives and target audience. We look at the audience and the competitors to identify the platform on which to plan our digital search, video, and display campaigns.

Digital Advertising Framework

Buyer Personas

Once we establish the target, we look out for the Buyer Personas. We build the profiles and identify the communication levers, we design the most suitable digital content for your customers.

Economic Resources

Budget & Media Plan

The budget for the individual channels is what we decide. The economic resources to be distributed for the different phases, the digital campaign channels, and timing based on the objective(s) to be achieved; we take care of all of them.

Our advertising structure is made to increase visibility and captivate the public’s attention.

Digital Advertising Strategy

Marketing Sources

We look out for the design and application of the marketing and sales channel to support the presented digital advertising strategies.

Close to your customer

From marketing to remarketing

Google Ads allows us to perform re-marketing activities. This is a tool that allows you to intrigue those potential clients who have been following an advertisement of your business, but have not yet completed the conversion or carried out any type of action. This is all about re-presenting that same content you’ve tried to deliver to them. Luckily, it’s possible thanks to cookies; which allow the visitor to be identified and their actions to be tracked. Due to the remarketing campaigns, these people will be able to go through your ads again with a Display campaign. They would be able to see your ads even on platforms other than Google—such as third party apps and other search engines.

Always rely on data

Google Ads advertising campaigns

Mundida’s strategy is not based on hasty solutions.
With you, we will determine the best strategy for your company to achieve your goals and reach the target that matters.
We can help you because our approach is data-driven, owing to Google Analytics. We always consider the possibility that the path we have taken is the right one. That path should enable your company to make itself known and sell as highly as possible! Contact us about your project today and tell us about your brand.
Let's discover together how to grow your brand thanks to Google Ads advertising!

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